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Father’s Day & Anniversaries

Father’s Day & Anniversaries

We got to celebrate Father’s Day after Brock & Dan came home from camping Father’s Day weekend with a BBQ Usually Brock is on drill during the month of June. So this is the first Father’s Day we have spent with Brock in a while.   We also got to celebrate our Anniversary together.  We … Continue reading

Beach Day

Beach Day

We headed out for a family day & enjoyed Laguna Beach for the afternoon! It was Willow’s first time to the beach and probably Isaac’s first time really hanging out at the beach. Isaac was fearless and headed straight into the water over and over.  He got tumbled more times then I can count.  A … Continue reading

Goodbye to 2013

Where does the time go?! I can’t believe we just ended another year. It is amazing how long the days can be. Yet the years are short!! January – we celebrated Isaacs 1st birthday with a mustache bash! Brock was promoted to Sergeant! February – we enjoyed lots of trips to Irvine park with our … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2013

This was a busy thanksgiving for us this year! We were able to spend Thanksgiving morning with the Buoniconti and Ramirez side of the family. After a quick nap and making some green veggie dishes, we headed over the Grandma and Grandpa Herrings for our Thanksgiving dinner meal! We enjoyed spending the evening with family … Continue reading

Wandering in the Desert… again

This past week I was able to go to our Elevation service at church.  It was a last minuet switch… and I was blown away that the Lord had given me what seemed a random day off from serving, but a perfect message that spoke straight to my heart. Backing up a little… Life has … Continue reading

Confessions: Worry

You know when life seems to just be a crazy mess? Or maybe it’s organized chaos. Either way. Your standing in the middle. Waiting. Wondering where all these turns, highs and lows are bringing you. What is God working? This beautiful life I know He is so specifically orchestrating for us. Yet, in the middle, … Continue reading

Veteran’s Day

Thankful for all our veterans who have served and sacrificed so much to make this country great. Were so grateful to have Brock home with us this year and celebrates him. God has been gracious to us and we are blessed that He protected him in his deployment in Afghanistan. Thinking of all those who … Continue reading

Police Academy!

Police Academy!

Brock had his very first day of Police Academy at Fullerton College today! I’m so proud of him! Becoming a Police Man has been his hearts desire for a while now. He started persuing his dreams when doors closed for him at Audi in 2008.
God obviously had other ideas for him at the time. After enlisting in the ARMY, a deployment to Afghanistan, and a job at Audi, he is self sponsoring his way through Fullerton’s part time Police Academy. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be on this journey with him.

Marriage is an amazing journey… I didn’t know 5 years ago those what those “valleys” I promised to walk through would entail. I didn’t know the joy I would see on the mountain tops either. Both have been real. I’m looking forward to this next year and how we will both grow! It will be a trying year, and lots of work for our family. But I know the outcome will be great.

Pray with us if you will? There are quite a few loose ends that are blowing in the wind still…

Continue reading

For the “Cause”

Not gonna lie. This past week has been rough around here. Brock has been gone for 14 days. VBS craziness. 100+ temps. Sad boys missing their papa, ROACHES. Silas being sick. I know … First World Problems. You signed up for the single mom gig. Everyone has bad days or weeks…. the list goes on. … Continue reading