For the “Cause”

Not gonna lie. This past week has been rough around here. Brock has been gone for 14 days. VBS craziness. 100+ temps. Sad boys missing their papa, ROACHES. Silas being sick. I know … First World Problems. You signed up for the single mom gig. Everyone has bad days or weeks…. the list goes on. But hear me out, just for a moment.

My boys said bye to their papa last week for a few weeks. Yes, we do it often. And this isn’t even the “worst” of it. But they are little people. Little hearts, little minds. They don’t always comprehend what is going on. Ever since Brock returned from Afghanistan, we have dealt with separation anxiety with Silas. Sometime there are days and weeks Brock can’t go to another room or out the back door without Silas flipping out, crying, sobbing and holding on to his leg. Some days are better.


Today I’m stopping to think of all the mamas & papa’s who go it alone because their other half is serving our country. I’ve said it before… and I’ll say it again. This is a cause we believe in as a family. My husband serving our country is something he takes pride in, and something I, as a military wife support alongside him. We knew we wanted kids when we signed up for this. But I’m not sure we ever realized the toll it would take on them. But I 100% support my husband in doing what he loves to do and pursuing his dreams. I’m proud of both these guys and making a huge sacrifice for our country.


{Photo by Army National Guard Sgt. Ian M. Kummer}


Sometime I feel like breaking down. Throwing in the towel. Telling him, 6 years are almost up and that’s it. Please don’t sing that paper again.  But then I check facbook and find a pictures of my husband on my status feed for the California National Guard page?  The hours of  Silas crying for his papa, the nights alone, missing hugs, and so much more all melt away.  Seeing a picture of him competing in the California National Guard Combat Match  makes me so proud of him!

So proud of him and his goal to make Sargent by the end of the year. OhhhhAhhhh Soldier!





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