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Menu: January 20

Another week of mostly 80+ temps in sunny Orange County.   I’m praying for rain… and putting soup on my menu to try and remind me it is actually winter. Here’s whats cooking this next week: Monday:  Giada’s California Chili Tuesday: Family Night Wednesday: Lasagna Thursday:Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Friday: Spinach Tortellini & Salad … Continue reading

Menu Plan: January 13

Holidays are over,  Baby is here… It’s a New Year, and I need to get my butt in gear! With three short people, preschool pick up and a husband who works every day, I need to keep as much sanity as possible which means Menu Planning & list making is a must!   Meals aren’t fancy … Continue reading

Pantry Tuscan Chicken Soup

This week has gotten away from me and I haven’t had a moment to sit down and menu plan. I saw this recipe floating around Pinterest for Tuscan Chicken Soup and it looked delish….  I tweaked it a bit to fit a quick post walk dinner and what we had in the pantry! And everyone … Continue reading

Glowing Bath Time

I picked up some more glow sticks at the 99 cent store since my last Pinterest Glow Lantern was a bust.  With fall being here, and it being dark much earlier, I thought it would be a fun night to keep the kids occupied for a few extra minuets before bed time and hopefully take … Continue reading

Menu Plan: Sept 3

September all ready? Plaid, Jeans, Leaves, Soup in the Crock Pot, Fresh Bread in the Oven… It’s wishful thinking. Instead, I’m sure It will be in the 90s, tank top weather and I may cry if I see a blanket! I’ll think happy thought and keep all those delicious fall recipes for cooler weather. Instead, … Continue reading

Menu Plan: August 27

Summer is still in full swing here in Orange County. Hot, Sticky, Humid… Ick. I feel like for the past year I repeat myself every week, “keeping it simple” or something to that effect. But it all ends here. Simple is pretty much it. At least were not eating hot dogs every day, right? Thank … Continue reading

Menu Plan: July 16

Behold… The gigantic tomato sauce! And thus began my Tomato Sauce challenge. This thing cost less than $3 at our local Costco! So I set out on my journey, to make a weeks worth of meals from it! I wanted to make sure my meals were diverse, and not pasta all week long. If there is … Continue reading

Menu Plan: July 9

[Real Simple – Pan Roasted Chicken] A while back I called me sister for some “new frugal” recipe ideas. She is the queen of frugalness. She was frugal before it was “cool”. So sometimes if I need a swift kick in the pants or encouraging real like, been there, done that, advice, I’ll call her … Continue reading

Menu Plan: July 2

{Silas 4th of July 2011} Can you believe we are already into July 2012?? Short Menu Plan week as we celebrate birthdays!!! Monday – Crock Pot Mariana Chicken with Rice and Green Beans {Double Batch for New Baby Meal!} Tuesday –  Taco Tuesday Family Night Wednesday – Family BBQ / Macaroni Salad , Artichoke Bread &  Chili … Continue reading

Menu Plan: June 24

This week is packed with a ton to do! Not to mention that our friends Nicole and Brady are tying the knot and gettin’ hitched! Brock and I couldn’t be more excited for them, and honored to be affirming their vows alongside them!!! okay okay… This is about menu planning, not the Couchman wedding. {In … Continue reading