Police Academy!

Brock had his very first day of Police Academy at Fullerton College today! I’m so proud of him! Becoming a Police Man has been his hearts desire for a while now. He started persuing his dreams when doors closed for him at Audi in 2008.
God obviously had other ideas for him at the time. After enlisting in the ARMY, a deployment to Afghanistan, and a job at Audi, he is self sponsoring his way through Fullerton’s part time Police Academy. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be on this journey with him.

Marriage is an amazing journey… I didn’t know 5 years ago those what those “valleys” I promised to walk through would entail. I didn’t know the joy I would see on the mountain tops either. Both have been real. I’m looking forward to this next year and how we will both grow! It will be a trying year, and lots of work for our family. But I know the outcome will be great.

Pray with us if you will? There are quite a few loose ends that are blowing in the wind still…

  • GI Bill to finish up paper work
  • A part time job
  • Time/Clarity while studying
  • Balancing time with boys/school/work
  • A clear direction of where God wants us after this job. Pursuing a job in OC? Or making a move to Nashville??
  • A JOB! Placement before he is deployed in 2014!!!

Thank you Lord for this opportunity for Brock! Please give him all that he will need to see this year through and excel!

One thought on “Police Academy!

  1. Praying for everything on this list and more!…as you know, if you do move, I may follow, Brady or no Brady. If Brock needs quiet study, space he can come to our house while we are at work!

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