Beach Day

We headed out for a family day & enjoyed Laguna Beach for the afternoon!


It was Willow’s first time to the beach and probably Isaac’s first time really hanging out at the beach.
Isaac was fearless and headed straight into the water over and over.  He got tumbled more times then I can count.  A lady stopped us on our way to the car and said she was watching him and got a crack up over he would get blown over by a wave, get right back up and do it again.


Silas says he can’t wait to go to Hawaii and go to the beach every day.
boys loved swimming in the ocean
We realized that the beach takes a little more planning with 3 kids then throwing snacks and some water bottles in the cooler.

Also… that sand sticking everywhere to 3 kids is somehow a gazillion timesworse then you could have ever imagined.

enjoying the shade

enjoying the shade

The Beach was fun and we made some memories… I think I made my quota for the summer however.


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