The Crunch

Some of my favorite go to’s!

For the Mama’s

Ask Dr. Sears

Le Leche League California

Kelly Mom – Breast Feeding

Kiwi Magazine

Mothering Magazine

Granola Babies – A Green Boutique 

Soft Bums Diapers

Gro Via Daipers


Organized Home

Passionate Homemaking

Simple Organic

The Pioneer Women

Fly Through Our Window

New Nostalgia

Crafty & Thrifty

Make It & Love It

Home Made By Jill

Cooking with Trader Joes

Just Spotted in OC

Day Trippin Mom

A Thrifty Mom

Krazy Coupon Lady

Cool Mom Picks


One thought on “The Crunch

  1. We have so very much in common. I birthed my son in water at home. Nursed ’til he was 3 yrs, 2 months (met one of my best friends at LLL), Homecook organically, help keep TJ’s in business. So nice to meet you — and I wish I had your artistic eye.

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