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Confessions of a Busy Mama

… I swore I wouldn’t be late. I said I wouldn’t stop going places because of nap time. I said I wouldn’t let friendships go by the wayside. I said I wouldn’t only talk about my baby, and that there was so much more I could converse about. I said I wouldn’t co-sleep. I said … Continue reading

Silas’s Birth Story

I haven’t taken the time to put my thoughts into this, but this is my doula’s version of Silas’s birth =) The Birth of Silas Ethan Buoniconti Silas’s expected date of arrival was May 31. Deanna was expecting to meet him earlier than May 31, however God had a very different, but perfect plan for … Continue reading

Not Kidding….

Oh Baby Silas… Considering how well I had progressed at around 36 weeks, I figured I’d for sure have a May baby. If not around his May 31st due date, maybe even a week or so early?! But alas, he has not come… And now we are well into June. “But it seemed good to … Continue reading

In honor of our coming baby, I had to share. My friend Laura sent me this website, I can across this picture: “We sat for days trying to figure out what OSM stood for. Then we figured out our son meant to write, Silas is AWESOME.” So funny… love it!

Someday Soon

Dear Baby Silas, I think I’ve been looking at this all the wrong way… I’ve been so excited for your arrival that I forgot to stop and enjoy these last minuets I have by myself. I want to remember these days and have something to tell you…Most Moms and Dads probably go on lots of … Continue reading

Appropriateness… if that’s a word =)

I’ve been struggling with what’s appropriate lately… And not like what to wear, or what to say, but what to POST! I have this love hate with social media. In talking with people I hear their disgust and dislike for people being inappropriate on things like Facebook and Twitter. Situations just like I’m going thru … Continue reading

Got to hear from Brent this morning. He sounds like he is doing really well! He said they have been traveling a lot but still not to their final destination. He said their accommodations have been much better then here in the sates. It would be great to have everyone keep praying that their final … Continue reading

Thoughts from Wednesday…again

I guess Wednesday is my blog productive day? Weird… anyway… I haven’t had much to update on Brock for operation security reasons. But He is in his country of final destination. Not to where they will be based/living for the next year, but they have arrived there. Thank you to every one for the prayers … Continue reading

+33 weeks

I really hate picture time… You look at the picture after and think, WOW, i really look that bad? Ugg i hate it. but here it is…