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Fall in Yuma

Fall in Yuma

Sometimes I feel like we live in one season here in Yuma.  Okay, maybe 3… Summer — HOT Summer — Mild… and by Milk I mean sitting around 105 And then the beautiful seasons of Not Summer.  When it drops to somewhere between 70-95.   THESE are the best days. So this past weekend we are … Continue reading

Red Ribbon Week Fun

This week was Red Ribbon Week… You know… Don’t Do Drugs! And Don’t be a Bully!  No idea how the team shirts and crazy hair will somehow drive this point home when the kids are 10 and being bullied? Or 15 and offered drugs… but you know a week without unforms is super exciting.   And … Continue reading

Menu: Thanksgiving Week

This week:  Tacos  family night   Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup Pioneer Women Bagel & Cream Cheese French Toast – Thanksgiving Family Breakfast Green Bean Casserole Spaghetti with Salad and Bread

Heart Healthy Cheerios

This month at preschool the kids were asked to bring a box of cereal to chapel for their tithing. The cereal goes to the food pantry at St. John’s for families in need. Today we ran some errands and hit up Target on the way home. As we were about to walk out, I reminded … Continue reading

Menu: Aug 19

Slacker alert! Menu planning just hasn’t been happening. But we’re back at it this week! Spicy Chicken Pasta Family Night Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup Fish & Home made mac and cheese with Salad Chili & Bread

Confessions: Of a Mama in the middle

You know when you hit the store, for some reason  especially Costco, and you get stopped every other aisle with… “Oh, they are so cute! Enjoy every moment. I miss the baby days so much” or…. “Oh my, and another one on the way? You will be busy…” I’m not really sure what people expect … Continue reading

Isaac Louis : 16 months

How is this baby boy already 16 months old?! Squishy cheeks Surfer boy hair Perfect round Pot belly Blue eyes? The kid is a little stud in the making. And I fall more in love every day!       15 was a big month for you! • Healthy & good month. You are great … Continue reading