Appropriateness… if that’s a word =)

I’ve been struggling with what’s appropriate lately… And not like what to wear, or what to say, but what to POST!

I have this love hate with social media. In talking with people I hear their disgust and dislike for people being inappropriate on things like Facebook and Twitter. Situations just like I’m going thru with birth and children. What are your thoughts on what is appropriate?

Confusion # 1: LABOR… I get the extrema of no one needs to know ever centimeter you dilated, or every little detail of your labor as it happens. Trying to decide do I even post that I am going into labor on Facebook however is a hard decision… Having had friends go into labor, knowing their in labor, but hours and hours not knowing what’s going on is killer! So where is the line? What do you say or not? There’s too many people for even a mass txt, and I’m afraid of that as well. Facebook is so easy because then no gets their feelings hurt that “i didn’t get to hear”… But then what’s too much to post and what’s not enough? THOUGHTS?!

Confusion # 2: PICTURES… Now this is not against anyone I know at all. But a couple friends have told me they don’t see the point in their friends 200 pictures a month of their friend’s kid. Personally, I love looking at friends pictures. (Of course I keep my photo’s only available to Facebook friends, and I know your not supposed to “name” your child on FB… well see how that goes tho!) And I guess if you really don’t want to see pictures, you don’t have to look… But what is too much kid talk/picture posting? It’s not like you can post 200 pictures on your BLOG where people come to see you, and even then, there’s the problem that BLOGS are open to searching and less secure then Facebook. (dilemma 2, not that’s i’m terribly worried, but for all the notes I’m going to get on it, I am aware!). Do I only post pictures oh my family Shutterfly site for family and select friends to see? And post only a few pictures on Facebook? And what is “a few”?! The questions never end.

At the end of the day what is one to do? Cater to the majority of your friends that WANT to know and care about you? Or the people who don’t care and are going to gripe anyway? They don’t HAVE to stock my profile if they don’t want to….After all, isn’t that what social media is all about?

HELP HELP HELP! I want to hear thoughts… and I don’t have much time! =)

6 thoughts on “Appropriateness… if that’s a word =)

  1. Regarding Facebook updates, I say do whatever you're most comfortable with. Do people really get offended by too much postings? If so, tell them to hide you for a few days. Regarding FB pictures, for me, if I want to look at the pictures, I look at them. If I don't want to look at them, I don't. I am never offended by people posting too many pictures…if they are willing for all to see, then so be it. I enjoy seeing pictures of freinds' kids. But again, do whatever you're most comfortable with. Who cares what others think! It's an exciting thing and I think it's great that you can share it with your friends πŸ™‚

  2. I tend to agree with Lisa. You certainly don't need to give a play by play of what's going on when you're in labor. Just focus on you!!! When you haven't updated in a bit we will all know anyways and will be celebrating with you before you even have a chance to say anything!As or pics…I just do a small number on facebook for the stalkers and leave the bulk for Shutterfly for friends and family who are close to us. But people tend to never get tired of seeing baby! ;0) And if they do, not my problemo!I use the blog really only for Sadie to have a written record. I plan on printing a book of my documentation of her first year. I wish I had something like that from when I was a baby. It's good for us to look back too because it goes so fast!

  3. Thanks Jessie! I need to add your blog to my friends list if thats ok?! Do you ever feel like you have way too many things to post places tho? Maybe it's worth it in the end, but I feel like keeping up with pictures for FB, BLOG, Shutterfly, etc… kinda rediculous and I wish there was just one thing in one place where i could regulate everything easier…

  4. Sure! I feel the same way. But Shutterfly has been worth the commitment to me since I get to go back and see the growth progression every week (I do it every Fri. night). I think it would be awesome for Brock! Facebook comes last. And the blog is just for special stuff I don't want to forget so there's not a lot of pressure there. Given your situation, I would totally do it so Brock can see and "live" the first year with you.

  5. I think you should do whatever you want to do! After all, its YOUR facebook page/blog and if people don't want to see, they really don't have to look… I know I personally can't wait to see lots of pictures of baby Silas!! πŸ™‚

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