Thoughts from Wednesday…again

I guess Wednesday is my blog productive day? Weird… anyway…

I haven’t had much to update on Brock for operation security reasons. But He is in his country of final destination. Not to where they will be based/living for the next year, but they have arrived there. Thank you to every one for the prayers and encouragment.
Along the same lines of Brock… These past couple weeks at Church the couple that sits behind us, probably for the past 4 years or so, has been so lovely to me. One week the husband came up and just hugged me out of the blue and asked me how I was doing, then told me he prays for me every day! His wife this past week started a conversation with me as well asking about things, how my pregnancy was going, how Brock was doing, and again they are praying for me. When her husband sat down, she told him a little of what I said and he then started talk to me as well about how I was doing, if I was ready for Silas to come, etc…
I know some would say, “isn’t this how the Church SHOULD be?” Well, Yes… we really should. And this has been such an eye opener to me how really a simple conversation and the love from these people who I rarely talk to otherwise is so uplifiting. It’s been really neat to see the people who now recognize me from my testimony weeks ago about Brock’s deployment and how they have encouraged me!
So then we come to baby Silas. How he is still kickin‘ it in there, I will never know. I swear I feel like I could literally drop him like a hot potato at ANY minuet. But I guess he’s pretty happy in there, for the most part. Sometimes, he doesn’t seem so happy. Rent is due tho, and I keep telling him he is EVICTED! He’s not listening well tho! However, ever day I get more and more excited to meet this little guy. In my effort to be positive about this less then ideal situation, I was just telling the gal who will be photographing the birth that I am stoked for labor. I’m excited that even tho Brock wont be there, I get to have some really fantastic ladies to support me. I know I’ve said before I’m just IN LOVE with my midwife, and I really am! At my last appointment, she walked in asked me how i was… I started to say, “great!…. wait, BJ, I’M SO NOT!….” The entire time she listened to my complaints, and of course, in her BJ way, reminded me sweetly of all the positive things and made me excited again about what I’m doing right now. Seriously, she’s the opposite of birth control. She makes you WANT to have kids. She’s LOVES pregnancy, moms, babies, everything.

Anyway… It’s really exciting to be getting so close to the day of Silas’s arrival… whenever that is.


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