Confessions: Of a Mama in the middle

You know when you hit the store, for some reason  especially Costco, and you get stopped every other aisle with…

“Oh, they are so cute! Enjoy every moment. I miss the baby days so much”

or…. “Oh my, and another one on the way? You will be busy…”

I’m not really sure what people expect you to say?  While I may not enjoy EVERY single moment of being a mama  (You know off days? Constant picking up toys , dirty faces and tantrums…)  But I really do LOVE it. I try really hard to enjoy the simple, beautiful, and sometimes not so beautiful moments of each day. If I could slow down the times where everyone is happy and giggling, kissing and hugging, etc… I would! But I don’t have any more magical powers than anyone else.  I guess I can appreciate the insights of those who have been there, done that and maybe didn’t appreciate as much as they wish they would have. But not matter what do, we can only make memories and enjoy the present.

And yes… I am busy with two boys and a little girl on the way. But who isn’t busy? You can be busy and miserable with one kid or ten kids. But you can be busy and happy with three as well.

Isn’t it all what we make it ? I can’t slow down time. I can’t make my life any less busy… I can try to enjoy  every moment I can, Knowing that these days wont be with me forever.  I wish there was a way to keep some of the precious moments with me forever… but for the time being, I’ll cherish the pictures and memories we’re creating.


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