Isaac Louis : 16 months


How is this baby boy already 16 months old?!
Squishy cheeks
Surfer boy hair
Perfect round Pot belly
Blue eyes?
The kid is a little stud in the making. And I fall more in love every day!




15 was a big month for you!


β€’ Healthy & good month. You are great at eating. Sleeping we are working on
β€’ Now in a big boy bed! No rails… 1st night was rough (finally asleep at 10pm) 1st nap was hard. And you fell asleep in front of the door. So when I checked on you you woke up 😦 However, you went right to sleep tonight! Yahoo
β€’ Love playing in our blow up pool and bath time. You jumped right in Grammies pool when we went to cool off a week ago. You even cloned into the pool (freezing!) from the spa! While you love our puddle jumper vest, we are starting swim lessons/ water safety next week!!!
β€’ Still nursing like a maniac. (10-15 xs daily)
β€’ You are very opinionated and have ideas of your Own!
β€’ You are very shy in public. But love people. Can’t wait to see how your personality changes !
β€’ You are a dare devil! Whatever Silas does you must do it too. And bigger and better. Jumping off the arm of the couch into the cushions ? Climb up the kitchen counters ? Jumping into a pool?! You are all boy.
β€’ Right before you were born there was a hurricane named Isaac. I should have then take notes! You pop straight up every morning! Ready to rock and roll! If its before 6 am we let you play while we try and pry our eyes open on the couch. You run around the house taking cell phones to people. Shoes on and off Playing with our clean white printer paper. Toss all the trash out of the cans. Ad the list goes on!
β€’ you are adorable. And you have personality to spare. I love your rambunctious spirit ! Your blue eyes and winner smile. You melt my heart every day. And I couldn’t be more ready to fall into bed every night. I love you Isaac Louis!


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