Menu Plan: July 9

[Real Simple – Pan Roasted Chicken]

A while back I called me sister for some “new frugal” recipe ideas. She is the queen of frugalness. She was frugal before it was “cool”. So sometimes if I need a swift kick in the pants or encouraging real like, been there, done that, advice, I’ll call her up for a pep talk. This particular time was about how to feed a family of 4 on a budget. Her advice: Go BIG… but on 2 meals. Spaghetti, Chicken & Rice, Bean Burritos, etc… for the rest of the week is fine! I liked this idea. Splurge on a few meals, money and time wise. And let the rest of the week be stress free, cheaper meals.    It’s been working well! I pick days I know I will be home and prepare something a little more labor intensive.

Any other ideas for busy mama’s trying to keep dinners on a budget? How do you plan your meals???

This week were cookin’ up:


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