IMG_7082It’s hard to believe  this little girl is already 1!

She is busy, smart, funny and adorable.

  • She loves to give kisses, wave and squeals in delight when her papa comes home.
  • She loves meat! Doesn’t like bread. Dairy isn’t her friend.
  • She wants to be just like her brothers.  Loves to be in the yard, getting dirty and trying to keep up!
  • She loves to be in bed by 5:15pm.  and up around 5am
  • She’s taking steps, but much prefers to craw super fast to get around
  • She wants nothing to do with dolls and usually throws them across the room… yet will cuddle a toy nerf gun or transformer rescue bots!

We celebrated Willow’s first birthday with family.  Pink Cupcakes, Hot Coco and a walk around Old Town to see the Christmas Lights!

I can’t wait to see this girl, with bouncing curls and beautiful blue eyes, continue to grow up!

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