Willow Mae: 11 months

I can’t believe this is my last month post for your first year! It seems like you were just a new born baby rolling around on a play may or flashing those gummy smiles!

But you are quickly becoming a big girl with so many things to do and figure out!

You now have 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth.
You say; dada. Ma. Da. Tank you. Done. Along with tons of gibber
You eat; anything meat! Love peas. Carrots. Fruit. Cheerios. Rice cakes. Waffles. Soy yogurt. Oatmeal. And so much more. Your favorites are meat and yogurt hands down.
You crawl everywhere. And you want to be everywhere your brothers are and doing everything they do! Your a little explorer.
You climbed up our backyard slide this week. Have tried to climb in the tub. Splash in the toilet. Climb up the table. Over the baby fence. Down the bed. Off the back of the couch …

At 11 months were still trying to figure out your sleeping habits. After the time change last month you are up at 4:58-5:01am every morning. You usually take a good morning nap for a few hours in the morning. And a crummy short teaser nap in the afternoon. It’s hard to keep you awake much past 6pm. And it’s back to sleep for you!

You are an adventure waiting to happen baby girl! You are sweet and adorable which makes up for how ragged you run me! We love you to pieces.




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