Isaac Louis : 2 1/2 years old

Isaac 2.5I think these pictures so perfectly depict my Isaac boy.  He is crazy, adorable, insane and full of energy and life.  While being sweet and cuddly as well a terror.

His mannerism make me laugh constantly.   He gets frustrated and makes hilarious faces.  And then comes over and pets my arm while sucking his finger.   I swear he is going to stay a baby forever and love every minute.

I can’t believe he is 2… let alone 2 1/2!   He has been learning more words and how to express himself more every day.  He will still fall over the tiniest little cord in the house, flat on his face, and hit every toy in the room as he falls.      He always worries about his sister “Wiw-wow” and if she is sleeping or ok.   He has taken up bike riding and scootering around the yard like  a pro.   He loves to dress up in his Army ACUs.    He probably would run away and never look back if we let me.  But honestly, he is way to cute {even if he gets on my nerves} to never see him again.    He had a good run with his curls as of late, and just recently got his locks chopped off to my dismay.     He cried when we introduced our newest dog, Izzy, to him.  Tears of joy. As he hugged Izzy’s neck and telling her she is pretty.   While he cries at every little scratch, the kid is pretty durable and I am thankful he is well over two with no trips to the ER yet.    Isaac also completed another session of swim lessons this spring! He floats and is water safe.  He loves jumping off anything he can into the pool (we  haven’t let him jump off the roof yet tho— maybe next year)    He loves to swim with his goggles and splash around our pool at home.

Isaac boy — you are hilarious and full of personality.  I love you and couldn’t imagine any cuter or more loveable second boy for our family! I am so glad you are ours!


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