Silas: 4 Years Old

IMG_03954 years of Silas

While June was a whirlwind month for us! The month started with Silas turning 4 and we had a great time celebrating our little stud muffin.


IMG_0220He finished his first year of preschool the week before his birthday!

IMG_0347Daddy had the day before Silas’s birthday off.  So we made it a Silas adventure day! Shopping date for  his cake, pizza for lunch, Shopping at the toy store in Old Towne for a new train track piece and picking out his awesome new bike….

…ending with cake & ice cream at home
{Yearly request — Costco Chocolate Cake}

IMG_0472{Isaac obvious enjoyed the cake too and I found him eating the cake at his table the next morning}

On Silas’s actual Birthday, we had a fun lunch at Red Robin with the family. We ended the day with one of his Best Buds ~ Brady! We had shakes & fries and watch trains at Ruby’s down in the circle.

But the fun didn’t stop there!

We celebrated Silas’s 4th Birthday with a trip to  the Pirate Adventure Dinner show!

IMG_0551 IMG_0562
Silas getting to shoot at another Pirate with our RED PIRATE
Fun with Pop PopIMG_0541I think this might have been the highlight of his little 4 year old life.
However, there was great confusion when Bob & Larry didn’t jump out at any point.  Uhhh…  They are on vacation? Hey Big Ideas, maybe you need A Veggie Tales Dinner Show!

silasAnd just like that, my baby boy is now Four.

Silas Boy,
You make me so proud.  You are constantly learning and growing. You have a passion for others and loving people.   You have a tender heart and I love seeing God use that for His Glory and good.   Never stop learning, hoping, trusting and moving forward.  He has great plans for your life.   While life isn’t always easy, God has your back.
One of my favorite things about this year is that you have discovered Jesus in a whole new way.  At “Big” {Calvary/Church} Preschool and “Little” {St. John’s/School}Preschool you are always coming home singing new songs and telling us your latest Bible Story.   You love going to the Play House and worshiping Jesus at Big Church. And your favorite thing to do is going to Liturgy/ Chapel at Preschool with Mrs. Rotondo.  I love watching you pick up your Bible and talk about your favorite story of Jesus dyeing for our sins and coming back to life.

FOUR is going to be a GREAT year! I can’t wait to see the great hings this year has in store!

Love, Mama


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