Willow Mae: 4 months

I’m a little… ok, a lot,… behind on Willow’s 4th Month!
We just are having so much fun with her time flies!


Willow is a great sleeper, great eater and happy baby pretty much all the time! She rarely cries and even when she does she settles down easily!  willow 4 m a
She rolls like a crazy baby, pushes herself all around. Loves toys. Especially ones that you can pull and make noise or rattle.

If I didn’t already feel blessed by how easy-going she was, she has also become a wonderful night and nap sleeper! She easily goes to sleep in her crib on her own once she is laid down with her blankey & white noise on. She takes 2 or 3  2+ hour naps a day. And then usually sleeps around 12 hours a night with just a few wake ups to eat!

willow 4mShe weighed in at 12 & 1/2 pounds at her last appointment with Dr. Akey. She’s our little lady!
The boys absolutely love her. Isaac often takes his toys or a magazine and book to go lay down with her on her blanket.  They are gentle and loving and I beyond amazed how much they adore her.

We all love you baby Willow! Your smile is contagious and you have gorgeous blue eyes.


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