Willow Mae : 3 months

willow 3 mo 1
Willow girl is tall & lean. She loves holding her lovey & suck her finger, especially to fall asleep. She loves to sleep, smile and snuggle. She always has giggles for her brothers. She looks much like baby Silas. And is drama like our Isaac boy, yet very easy going. We love our girl and enjoy seeing her grow and change


Stats :
11lbs 14 oz – 20% in weight
25in – 85% in height

willow 3 mo 2
She can roll over. But is very selective about doing it
People always are commenting how alert and interested she is in the world around her!
It’s hard to have a strict schedule with
3 kids, preschool and tons to do. But we have a good rhythm going She take 2 good naps and a cat nap before dinner & bed time around 630pm. Up around 630am! We figured out your sleep preferences & that made a world of difference. You now happily nap and sleep in your crib!
Having some dairy & egg sensitivities for sure. But I am glad to give those up as long as I can keep my coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

willow 3 mo 3

Willow girl,
We are all in love with you and you bring some much needed pink to our lives.


IMG_7091Silas – Isaac – Willow
3 months


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