Willow Mae ~ 2 Months

I can’t believe how fast time flies when you are…

…running after 3 short people!

Willow 1 21 month                      2 months

IMG_61892 month stats:

  • 24 inches tall (90%)
  • 11 pounds 2 ounces (55%)
  • Beautiful Blue Eyes!
  • Light Brown Hair


  • Willow loves smiling for her brothers
  • Willow and Isaac have a very special love goin’ on. It’s the most precious thing. I could take pictures of his gentle loving, stroking her hair, rubbing her arm, talking to her, all day long.
  • She loves sleeping
  • She is very much like her brothers, and likes lots of sleep! She usually is ready for bed about our dinner time, and out by 6pm. She does sleep in much past the boys  and is ready to get up when she hears them.
  • Right after she wakes up in the morning, she is all smiles. She is usually very calm. After she and Isaac both get new diapers, they love to just lay in bed and cuddle together. I luck out, and get ready for my day and start breakfast!
  • She is still a great eater!
  • However, she must be burped, and usually multiple times, during feedings
  • She hates wet diapers
  • If she gets really mad, she will roll to her side, then on to her tummy (but doesn’t seem to know she can actually do that!)
  • She has started “talking” and loves to coo her little raspy voice when you talk to her
  • She has become super alert and studies a room and faces {when she is awake that is!}

Willow is an easy going, happy baby!  Although she has preferences for sure.
The car seat is hit or miss. Mornings she usually goes right to sleep for a morning nap on errands. However, afternoons, if she is overly tired, she hates the car seat.
A lot of the time, she is content in the rocker or play mat. However, within a few seconds, it can turn into a cry fest.
She loves the blender & vacuum?  Sometimes I’m throwing a smoothie together for a meal, or trying to finish up cleaning  when she starts screaming, and go to bled or vacuum and she is instantly quiet.
IMG_6323I can’t get enough of her smile.   We love you baby girl. We are all smitten, and love seeing you grow every day!

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