Isaac is 2!

I 1

This year you:
Moved to a big boy bed
Got lots of teeth
Became very independent & even more mischievous
Flew on a plane to Nashville
Decided you love to cuddle
Learned to swim
Took up wrestling your brother
Became a picky eater
Got even cuter
Became a big brother – LOVES his “Weewoo”



Favorite Words: daddy. Mama. Da (Silas). Grandpa/pop pop. Grandma. Scout. Dog. Dan. Eekka (Annika). Jake (the pirate). Tv. Oh no. Cookoo. I don’t know. It’s broke. Over there. I like this. Yes. Please. Thank you. Car. Train.


My Isaac boy~
What an adventure this year has been. You have kept me on my toes since you were born just two short years ago. I daily look into your precious blue eyes & blond curly hair and thank God for bringing you and all your messes, into our lives. He obviously knew what he was doing when he blessed us with you. I love watching you grow into a toddler and little boy. You are rough and rambunctious and a busy boy! You love wrestling and playing with Silas. But you are sweet and “gentle” with your baby sister.

I love your passion and excitement for life. I pray that you continue to grow and keep learning about all the things you are excited (and others you aren’t!) about.

All my love. Mama

isaac is 2



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