Willow Mae: 1 Week



Willow is a week old and we are all so in love!

  • Willow has a sweet, calm & easy-going personality ~~~ so far!
  • Isaac loves holding her.
  • She is a great eater & sleeper!  5 days old she weighed back in at 7lbs 14oz, almost to her birth weight.  She gives me 3+ hour blocks of sleep at night & loves her crib
  • She had a busy 1st week:  Target, Costco, Starbucks & been introduced to both the Herring & Ramirez/Buoniconti Family
  • She loves loud music with a good beat. Isn’t bothered by loud (boy!) noises
  • She barely cries unless she is hungry or has a dirty diaper & always settles down right away!



24 hours old :: Silas & Isaac love her

IMG_3990 Isaac is in love and wants to hold “Bay-bee WeeWo” all the time

1st Trip to Starbucks

IMG_4045Merry Christmas!!!!   IMG_4054Visiting with Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Herring on Christmas day

So in love with these faces!!!!

1st day home alone is going great and I feel so blessed by these three crazy, wonderful kids!


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