Willow : The Birth Story

I can’t believe our baby girl is here! It was such a busy month of waiting & wondering when she would arrive. But of course everything turned out perfect.

Tuesday afternoon and evening I was having some intense contractions but were not consistent. But I knew things were picking up. We also had won a military family contest and our prizes were delivered Tuesday afternoon! The biggest deal was a new crib!!! Tuesday was Brock’s “Friday” of work, but I knew I needed his help with the kids and have him close by to go with me. We had a fun afternoon opening new toys and gifts from our prize, a visit from Brock’s dad (his parents just arrived into town for the week!) and our usual taco night with grandma Debbie and grandpa Dave.

I was up on an off during the night with restless boys, and I couldn’t sleep much past 1am. At 4am my contractions hit 12-15 min apart. I called my midwife at 5 am to tell her I was nauseous and the timing. We both knew it was still early in the game. But I was worried that things could go from 12min to nothing and a baby! She told me to meet here for a check up. At 5:30 am we arrived at Beach Cities. I was only 3 cm and a little disappointed. However, with traffic and such, we decided I should get started on my first round of antibiotics since I had tested positive for Group B Strep. (A Random bacterial infection found in 30% of healthy pregnant women). By 6am I had an IV started with my first round of antibiotics. My wonderful midwife BJ rested while I tried to keep things moving by walking and doing some hypno babies on my own. Around 8am one of the 1st assistants, Bridgette, who was at Silas and Isaac’s births arrived as she was working in the office that day. I was so excited that she really wanted to be there for me, and She relieved the other 1 assistant Who had originally come. She coached me through some rough contractions but I wasn’t really progressing in my mind. I was frustrated and tired of walking around. After a 2nd dose of antibiotics & another check, I was only to 5 cm at 10. I told BJ I was irritated things weren’t going how I envisioned them. We all agreed I needed to get out and clear my head. {perk of an amazing midwife, labor team and birthing center!!!} I had to be back by 12:30 to start my next round of antibiotics. So we decided to go to Brock’s nanis house just 10/15 min away and take a walk. We stopped for lunch and picked up El Pollo Loco. Between leaving BCM, lunch stop and nanis I was feeling super intense contractions. When we got to nanis I had to rest. We stayed 20 min or so and I thought we should head back around noon. As we left, I had a long contraction and ended up throwing up multiple times. * joy * — I knew I was entering transition and needed to get back.

We got back to BCM and waited for  BJ to come check me. I was blown away that I was 9 cm at 12:50…   Brigette  had already started the bath before that, so I was able to jump right in.   I had to finish my last round of antibiotics, and then I was able to get “comfortable” as they wrapped my hand for the water.  I had a few intense contractions which BJ gentle guided me through.

At one point I told her I needed to push, and she encouraged me to trust my body and push with the next contraction. After one really big, long push, I couldn’t believe I had a screaming tiny little girl!!!

Willow Mae was born into water around 1:30 pm …


weighing in at 7 pounds and 15 ounces. 20 inches long!

We were able to go home a few hours later and made it home in time for dinner with the boys to introduce their new sister!

24 hours old

We are so in love with the precious little girl! So thankful for God’s blessing and provision in her birth and all 9 months of growth!


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