Silas : 3.5 !!!

Where does the time go?! I can’t believe my biggest baby is 3 1/2!!!!


Silas loves…

  • Riding his quad
  • Building train tracks by himself
  • A summer/fall full of Fire Trucks & Fire ment

IMG_0567 IMG_2289

  • Jake the pirate is a favorite & playing dress up pirate


  • Helping mama with new things like putting away laundry, taking out the trash, pairing up shoes (and cleaning up his brother).


  • Praying before bed

Firsts & highlights:

IMG_0786 IMG_1527

  • Going to preschool! Meeting his amazing teachers & making new friends
  • Singing with his class at St John’s for family Liturgy


  • Dressing up like a Fireman for Halloween
  • Family weekend Trip to Oceanside with grandma & grandpa and then ridding the train home
  • Trip to Indio with grandma & grandpa, Danny & Annika (first solo trip without mama!)
  • Obsesses with his “army boy” rain boots
  • Can spell his name (working on writing as well!) and Isaac’s name

Not so favorite:

  • Meat.
  • Bedtime without cuddles.
  • Leaving Grandma and Grandpa’s house


  • If he doesn’t want to do something at that moment his catch phrase is “10 min okay?” Or “no. I do it tomorrow”
  • Moved to the back seat in the mini van in his “Race car” red big boy booster! (I live for the day he is 4&40!!! The buckling in is super fun)
  • He is very into “good/bad” choices and labeling everything so. {Which can include behavior or food…}
  • Often says : “No funny stuff” to Isaac when he is annoyed
  • Likes playing with his Fireman & Police Legos. Conversations I overhear: “And Popo man Silas is going to arrest you for making bad choices. Now you go to jail…”
  • Favorite Foods: In-n-Out burger with extra tomatoes & onions with Frenchfries and  ketsup, Turkey lunch meat rolled up, Fish  (Salmon and Fish Nuggets from Trader Joes) Pancakes, Green Smoothies, Salad,  Quesadillas

IMG_0395Swims Like a Rock Star!IMG_0335Loves his brother


IMG_0460Loves ColoringIMG_2925Love playing nerf guns with dad – and is an awesome shot!IMG_1003“Mashmellows” at the fire pit were a huge hit this summerIMG_2680Loves hanging out with his guy friendsIMG_2493Always look forward to Costco Lunch Dates!

What a great boy you are turning into Silas! I love watching you grow daily. Learning new words. Exploring new things. Teaching your brother everything you know.  And now, being so excited to welcome your sister into our family.
I hope you keep perusing your passions. Listening to God. and loving your family the way you do. I love you my Strong, Smart, Handsome Silas!!!

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