Happy Thanksgiving: preschool edition

We had a wonderful 2013 Thanksgiving celebration!
The week before Thanksgiving, Silas had a “give God thanks” party at school. I got to go and see the magic πŸ™‚





The librarian came to class to read about thanksgiving. They made a fall wreath (Silas was all about pumpkins and leaves only!) and then had decorate your own turkey cookies for snack with fruit and milk. Silas wasn’t a fan of “turkey cookies” because they don’t taste like Turkey (lunch meat) roll ups. So he asked for extra fruit and his teacher, Mrs Odem, game him his favorite pretzel sticks.

I loved watching Silas interact with his many “friends” , see how much his teachers love him, and get a glimpse of his preschool day. I am Constantly getting parents coming up to me telling me how much their kids love Silas and they hear about Silas all the time. I’m so thankful for Silas’s sweet & caring heart!!! It was a perfect start to our mini fall vacation!

Some things we are thankful for this last week:
-army boys (men πŸ˜‰ )
-snuggle time with mama


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