Baby Girl: 36 Weeks

How far along? 36 Weeks

Sleep:  Thankfully no pregnancy insomnia here! I think keeping up with life makes me too tired to even be a possibility!

Best moment this lately:  –Silas said “I just want Wiwow {Willow} to be at my home now so I can see her”   -Also having a baby shower thrown by my bestie & mom.  It was so special to have Willow celebrated by so many ladies!

Movement:  Busy. Busy. Busy. My midwife even said today while getting her heartbeat, “Wow, she sure is a mover in there!”

Food cravings: Still pretty much the same thing…

  • Sweet/Peach Tea!
  • Donuts (it’s super hard to say no to Silas when he asks me “Mama, I think we all need a coffee and a donut” — why yes little love, you read my mind! Although, I have tried to limit it to a once a week occurrence {And darn-it when it happens on Mondays!!!}.
  • In-n-Out always looks good
  • BROCCOLI!!! I seriously have eaten Broccoli every day the past 2 weeks. Steamed Broccoliiiiiiii. Yummm

Food Aversions: Steak. Random.

Gender: GIRL!!!!

Labor Signs:  I haven’t started timing them, but still lots of B&H.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Heartburn & the constant Peeing are the worst

Belly Button in or out? Flat =/

What I miss:  Wearing normal shirts and not worrying if my clothes are covering everything.

What I am looking forward to: Enjoying the next few weeks with my two little boys!

Upcoming appointments/events:  Weekly appointments from here on out!
Also, have the next month mapped out as far as random family events, weekends away, Brock’s drill dates, etc… and who is watching the boys, who is taking me to the birthing center, etc. It’s a scary list.

Milestones: Birthing Plan – COMPLETE!    1 week to go until “Full Term”… and we will have a baby in less than 6 weeks!


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