Isaac: 22 Months

Isaac…. Louis… Crazy… Child.

 IMG_2871But mom, I’m just so adorable. You think I would do THAT?!

Highlights from this past month:

  • Can let himself out the front & back doors. As well as his bedroom. Bathroom. You get the idea.
  • He is becoming a “big” boy so fast. He loves doing everything Silas does, and less and less baby every day.
  • He likes to sing along to songs.
  • He loves making messes.
  • New Words: Not That, I don’t Know, Cereal, Sandwich, Happy.  And a ton more that he says randomly.
  • He Loves, Loves, LOVES his grandpa  & grandma.
  • He absolutely love his brother Silas… and loves to bug him as well!
  • New Favorite Food: Cheerios
  • Actually sitting and enjoying watching a TV show, or half a book (if I am lucky)


{Oceanside October 2013}

IMG_2796{Halloween 2013}

I sure do love this boy like none other. He is full of spunk, personality and life! While sometimes I would love to catch my breath in between his messes and crazy self, I couldn’t imagine my life without this little blondy! I love you with my whole heart you little stinker!!!!



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