Isaac: 21 Months





  •  26 1/2  pounds (+ 2 1/2 pounds in 3 months?!)
  • 33 inches

Loves the motorcycle!


This boy is full of life & curiosityIMG_1571

Enjoy some play time in the tent!IMG_1698

He loves to climb and “help” IMG_1730

He loves going to the train station for a hot dog & fries


He loves his brother! IMG_1936

And has become quite the cuddle bug…IMG_2032

230857 xs a dayIMG_2075

For about 5 seconds longIMG_2145

I can’t believe our baby is growing up so fast! He is getting more adventurous to try new things that scare him. Loves being a big boy and keeping up with Silas. Has opinions on everything & is very passionate!

He loves:

  • his family
  • pointing to things
  • jumping on and wrestling Silas
  • letting us know he is tired or hungry
  • getting dirty
  • Vegan Oat bars
  • Counting to four
  • Pointing to his body parts
  • Driving us crazy
  • Making messes & never playing with the toys
  • Tearing apart the kitchen & taking spatulas and spoons
  • Waking up at 6am hungry -> Going straight to the pantry for a breakfast bar & oatmeal



  • Sitting for periods of time
  • Being quiet
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Eating his food on a plate (likes to move everything to his place mat)
  • Being left at home when someone leaves
  • Getting out of the bath
  • Being told no
  • Time Outs


Can’t believe in just a few short months we will be celebrating your 2 year old birth Isaac!!! Time flies while were having fun… and cleaning up messes =)

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