PreSchool: September Recap


I am absolutely LOVING our mix of Home School, PreSchool, Life, Church & Play right now.

PreSchool: I still desperately miss Silas in the afternoon while he is at school. But I know it is a great growing opportunity for him and I love seeing all he is learning for his peers and his teachers. One of Silas’s favorite things to do at school is art. Most days the art room is his first stop, or the coloring table.  He is always bringing home drawings and art pages with half a bottle of glue and sparkles, stickers, branches, etc. His favorite project this month has been “his heart” {A red heart, with his name spelled out and glitter alllllll over!} Another highlight of the month was apple tasting!  He picked golden apples as his favorite snack {over red and green}. His favorite snacks are muffins & grapes with milk.     He also love their Chapel tithing project of cereal boxes for the pantry and hasn’t forgotten a week yet.  And music day last week was his favorite thing so far! Besides riding bikes in the back yard every day.



HomeSchool: We have been hitting the Library once a week to pick up books for our week’s read. Silas likes going and playing on the computers too. So far we have picked out special reads like Sharks, Army Trucks, Fire Station books as well as some on Bugs. I love getting to add things in depending on Silas’s interests of the day!  Because we ended up adding in quite a few extra books this month, We didn’t finish all 16 books on our list from September. So we rolled them over to October.      The goal of this year is to be intentionally reading {almost} every day. I know that if things come up, and we just don’t get to some for one reason or the other, the world isn’t going to end. So this has been a good learning and growing time for me as well!!! We have been reading Bible Stories every day as well… We started in Silas’s “The Jesus Story Book Bible“, have used his “Jesus’ Adventure Story Book” as well as “Jesus Calling Bible StoryBook“. Silas is really into the Snake & The Creation (which they are also reading at his PreSchool) story. So we have read that more than a few times.

September Reading List:

  • Eric Carle
  • Harper Collins Treasury
  • Mike Mulligan & More
  • Eloise Wilkin Stories


{Decorating his PreSchool Art Box}

So excited to jump into October and start a new month of school!!!

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