Baby Girl: 28 Weeks

Willow is the size of an Eggplant! She is learning to breathe on her own & packing on the pounds ounces !


How far along? 28 Weeks

Sleep: Sleep isn’t hard to do … it’s the constant heartburn and throwing up that makes sleeping not so enticing even when I’m exhausted.

Best moment this lately: Getting to order {Courtesy of my Grandma Herring!} Willow’s Bedding bumper & blanket!!!


Isaac thinks its for him!IMG_1222 Silas approved & said it was “beautiful”

Movement: She is crazy busy  in there.  {Yes, I am slightly worried}

Food cravings: Sweet Tea (easy spur of the moment craving!) , In-n-Out and Donuts !   Thankfully A doughnut here and there doesn’t hurt  and with two kids and just being busy, I haven’t gotten much In-n-Out this time around.

Food Aversions: Banana’s  mostly at the moment.

Gender: GIRL!!!!

Labor Signs:  Labor? Not so much. But with the heat and just my “normal” ,  Braxton Hicks are still in full force. As hard as I try to drink a ton of water, or put my feet up when they  get extra uncomfortable or tight, they still persist. But, I’m pretty sure this is just how God made me and she aint comin’ any time soon.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Heartburn,  RLS & Constant Potty Breaks

Belly Button in or out? In!

What I miss:  Diet Coke {continuous & unashamed} refills

What I am looking forward to: Cool fall weather & Baby shower next month =)

Upcoming appointments/events:  Apt start every 2 weeks! And I need to re-do my birth plan and figure out how to plan for a due date smack in the middle of Thanksgiving & Christmas while anticipating being late.

Milestones: Glucose/GD  Screening. Thankful my midwife only requires 1, 1 hour test at 28 weeks!

Hello 3rd Trimester!!!!!!!


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