Isaac: 20 Months

How to describe Isaac? Quirky & Crazy!

  • Isaac 1Loves reading books in bed with his brother
  • Working outside on man stuff
  • Being weird… {Staring off into no where? Check…Sitting with blankets on his head? Check!}
  • I 4Loves to wear as many Chick Fil A watches as he can (Arms & legs?!)
  • Loves to sit on tables, or upside down buckets…
  • And while he is as mischievous as they come, he has adorable blue eyes and the cutest smiles!
  • I 3He really warmed up to Nani & Grad-dad on their last visit

{Bottom Pictures with all the Buoniconti Cousins: Aloria – 7, Selia – 3, Vienna – 9mo, Isaac 18 mo, Justus -5 & Silas – 3}

  • I 2Had his first Snow Cone from the Kona Ice truck!
  • Loves wearing his papa’s hat’s!

i 5


  • By the way… can you tell the boys love each other?
  • Isaac also is loving swimming (sans goggles!)
  • And he loved Grandpa’s Pizza Fire Truck party at work {Life highlight for both boys} — he wanted to sit in the jump seat forever if he could!


Isaac is a sweet, lovable, passionate, moody, accident prone yet adorably precious boy.

Other non pictured highlights:

  • He has had more bumps, falls, knocks, bloody lips, noses, cuts and scrapes in the past month than any kid I know.
  • He loves to dump out toys from bins and baskets {especially when he protests naps… then it’s every toy and piece of clothing in their room on the floor}
  • He is venturing into dairy & eggs. Since we still aren’t sure if he is truly not allergic or “sensitive” to them, I try to keep his dairy intake to a minimum but are trying different foods before his next check up at 21 months per his Pediatrician’s request. So far he loves & does well with yogurt and cheese. Eggs he seems to tolerate in moderation but he loves to eat them!
  • He is sleeping pretty well at night. Most nights he sleeps the entire night thru.
  • His last eye tooth just surfaced. So glad to be done with teething for him. All teeth and 1st molars = DONE!
  • He loves to jump and dance.
  • He hates to sit in a cart. Hates saying goodbye to Silas at school.
  • Loves to swim, go to the park, play with (ok ok bully and body slam!) Silas & the dog. Loves to kick and toss his ball. Randomly give kisses. Always rubs my back and face.

New Words:
Over there
Foweee (Silas’s pacifier)
Bandee (blankee)
Owee here
Nooooow (no)

There is our 20 month old crazy Isaac in a nut shell! Just a few months and he wont be the baby any more! Can’t wait to see this little lover boy with his baby sister!!!


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