PreSchool Switch Up

So I’m sure ya all are wondering… One day I’m writing about being stoked on ordering homeschooling books… and the next minuet I enroll  my kid in Preschool down the street. Pregnancy Hormone Issue? Or what! Nope… Just  a school roller coaster I wasn’t expecting!

Monday we had a speech/behavioral evaluation for Silas to see what we should be doing about his speech. The evaluation came to the conclusion that while he has some speech slurs and such, they typically work themselves out by age 6 or 7 and shouldn’t worry for a while. Both the speech and behavior assessment teachers  suggested a structured setting preschool for Silas however. I really wasn’t sure what to think about that. I really wasn’t ready for Silas to leave! And we  hadn’t planned or talked about preschool for this year. So in a whirlwind of research & a tour, we decided on a Preschool just down the street.  They have a great program and Silas and I both fell in love with the school.

Silas gets to go to his “class” 3 days a week in the afternoons! He loves playing in the “backyard” and all the home-made, made on site! And he loves his teachers!!!

Since Sonlight is a reading based curriculum we will still be doing that throughout our week and having reading time  in the mornings… or before bed! And afternoons will be filled with friends, art and play time at preschool!
I love seeing Silas excited about going to school and his class and am thankful for this opportunity for my social butterfly.


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