Isaac: 19 months


19 months ago we met Isaac for the first time!  And Silas was only 19 months old!  It is so crazy to think of Isaac being the “big brother” to a baby  at this age!  Thank goodness we have a few more months =) Isaac is still very much our baby. But quickly hitting toddler/ two  year old tantrums. It’s a great combo!
He is a screaming and a thrower (both himself and toys!)

But the boys are getting to such a fun age! They can hold hands and communicate really well to each other. Silas loves helping Isaac. And Isaac in return loves to push Silas buttons =)




  • Trip to Arrowhead – loved feeding the fish and ducks.
  • Isaac had his first WHOLE week at VBS and did fantastic!
  • Isaac is constantly adventuring beyond his ability level which usually ends up in bloody lips, cuts, bruises and bonks on the head.
  • Loves playing outside with Silas.
  • Is a great sport when  Silas wants to play Popo. He is the bad guy Silas handcuffs, and puts in “jail” (playhouse)
  • He is great at pointing out body parts now! Head, Hair, Eyes, Mouth, TEEF, Belly and feet are his favorites.
  • Sleeping all night! In his own bed no less! So proud of him.


  • Long naps. THANK you Lord.
  • He loves his Rainbow flip flops. He likes to nap with them on, and puts them on first thing in the morning.




Hot Dogs & Lunch with the  best Unky  everIMG_9584


  • “CHEESE”IMG_9445    Taking the Ferry to Balboa – Isaac’s first tripIMG_9673
  • We got into a car accident a month ago. Thankfully, it all got worked out and the ladies insurance paid for new car seats!IMG_9897Day Trip to Arrowhead
  • First stop Starbucks of courseIMG_9906
  • Playing with friends at the cabinIMG_9931
  • feeding the fishies! IMG_9921

Isaac is our extremely passionate Italian…blonde blue eyed surfer boy. He is either all smiles,loves and happy. Or screaming & crying.   (Okay, the screaming could be happy or sad)   But boy, I love him! And am so thankful for ever minuet I have with him!


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