Isaac: 18 months

food   Loves:

  • Play with Silas and outside
  • Swimming
  • Introduced to Southern Food and Sweat Tea… he is a kid after my own heart and stuffed his face with biscuits and tea!
  • Sleeping/ Napping! Afternoon naps are from noon to 4pm! It’s bliss… and bed time is around 7:30/8 until 7 am or so.  Bottle of Coconut Milk, your blankets surrounding you and the air on 74, and you are out  like a light!
  • Being held for 2.5 seconds… you need your cuddles. Then you are off again
  • You like to bully Silas around. You push him around when you want a toy. We have to remind you to be gentle to Silas 😉
  • You love animals. You love our dog scout, you loved your cousin’s cat, and chickens and cows… and today at the petting zoo, you were on the ground cuddling the goats!


Not So Much:

  • Leaving Mama or getting put down. It is a work in progress as his time as “baby” is quickly coming to an end!
  • You’re a cranky baby when hot
  • Being strapped down for more than 6 minuets. Sitting at the table or stroller for long period of time are not your forte…



  • Airplane Trip — You weren’t a fan! Screaming 90% of the trip from LAX  to Nashville …. and only about 25% from Nashville to LAX
  • Meetings his cousins in Tennessee for the first time!
  • Swim Lessons: you are a little fishy!!! You screamed (big surprise) 12/12 lessons. However, you rocked the lessons. We are now confident you are water safe if you should ever fall into the pool. You love the pool and are constantly jumping in and swimming in circles any chance you get. You also love to go off the slide into the pool and float all the way up, and turn over to your back!
  • Weaned… I think?? Were on the brink of weaning.  We made it 18 months my friend… It was a good run =) While you are still interested in nursing, I’m ready for a break!



  • Weight { To Come July 12 }
  • Words: You are stubborn when it comes to talking.     Mama, Mommy, Dan, Thank You, Peeese (Please) That, There, This, Juice  — you’d rather not get a snack then say a word to get it!



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