Confessions: Making Memories


Since Isaac was born, I’ve often skipped out on outings with friends. Having an active 18 month old that doesn’t always have the best track record of listening, scared me in venturing out with a new-born in tow.    Now, 4 months pregnant,  I have a 3-year-old, and 1.5 year  old  both often running in opposite directions… I still, don’t take every opportunity I have to get out and play.

Sometimes Often Times I wonder if I’m being a bad mom. Should I suck up my fears and just go? Depending on the place, I often talk myself out of it. 1. Silas is very happy to play on his own. While he likes playing with a friend or two, he isn’t much for crowds. 2. I feel like the stress and anxiety of busy streets, water and kids running away, far out ways any fun time the kids or I may have. 3. It’s not like they are deprived of social interaction by any means.


Today I felt like just getting out of the house and enjoying the cool of the morning for a bit. So, we made spur of the moment plans with our buddies the Brown’s, and headed to the circle down the street for play time and mama chat over coffee.

20130628-121559.jpgThese are the beautiful days and memories I hope my kids somehow remember. They probably won’t remember that on June 28th, we went to the fountain with Sadie and Jonah… but I hope they remember  the fun days of sunshine and splashing in the water, sharing snacks and finding bugs, making new friends and enjoy the ones they  know….

THIS is what I want to remember about my kids growing up. I don’t want to remember, hating taking the kids to this place or that because they ran away and I never got to sit down. I want to remember a soaking up the sun. Watching my kids laugh with each other and share. Talking about life and hardships, happiness and hurdles, while actually drinking my coffee with my friend.

Sometimes I have to remind myself, motherhood isn’t a game of catch up, or how many field trips did I check off this week. It’s okay to choose sanity and enjoyment over quantity!    I love our morning coffee and play times and I’m thankful for the memories my kids are making.


4 thoughts on “Confessions: Making Memories

  1. Deanna, you do not have to do it all. Just listen to your gut for what you should or should not do on a daily basis. You are a wonderful mother, loving, kind and most of all seeking the Lord’s direction in your daily activities. Do not let other people pressure you into feeling as though you are missing out by not doing it all. I wish the 22 year old me could have known this when Carl was little. Set your own course, sweet girl. You are doing a good job!!

    Love you, Aunt Cyndi

  2. I relished this morning watching our babies who aren’t so much those babies they used to be. They are growing so fast and I love that they can be crazy all together when we feel like we can take it on and even laugh at the insanity over our coffee together…love you friend…xoxo. (We’ll remember these days and all the good!)

    • It was really a wonderful morning (this week has been fun!) I love watching them all together! And I love getting to have a whole conversation with you!!!!

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