Pregnancy #3

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, OH BOY GIRL?!

We are so excited and I was completely shocked that we are expecting a girl!

Weeks 6-11.5  I was so sick. ALL Day, every day.  But just before 12 weeks, I just felt great again. So weird!   I didn’t want to eat anything, I couldn’t keep anything down. I lost a few pounds, but escaped having to take any medication. SO Thankful to be feeling better.

This time around, I’m also pretty far behind in catching my blog up to date and can’t think of what to record and such. So … I’m going for the Pregnancy Questionnaire… Don’t hate =)

How far along? 16 Weeks

How big is baby? The Bump Said size of an avocado – 4.5+ inches over 3 oz

Total weight gain/loss: 3lbs total

Maternity clothes? Tops yes. Some stretchy band shorts. Still regular jeans

Sleep: Besides getting up to feed Isaac or put him back in bed,  I am sleeping fine.

Best moment this week: Gender Ultrasound — GIRL!!!!

Movement: Flutters and little kicks here or there.

Food cravings: Meat, Burgers, BACON (what? MEE??? I know… The trip to Tennessee did me in!) and BBQ Chicken Salads!

Food Aversions: Varies… and usually just random thing when I see them

Gender: GIRL!!!!

Labor Signs:  none yet!

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Heartburn (starting medication this week)

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss:  Diet Coke refills

What I am looking forward to: Finding some girl clothes and a whole new world!

Upcoming appointments/events:  Anatomy Scan in 3 weeks, Next apt in 4 weeks

Milestones: 16 weeks seems big to me for some reason?


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy #3

  1. Congrats! As a mom of three boys I am so excited for a healthy baby girl for you! We might try 1 more time for a girl, but that hasn’t been decided yet. 🙂

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