Tennessee 2013

This is where we vacationed this June outside of Nashville!



Grandma, Grandpa, my brother Daniel, little boys and I flew to Nashville on Monday and stayed at the “Cajun Cabin”, about 20 min away from my sister’s home/farm. The cabin was perfect for us all to stay at, and some extra kids some nights too.  We enjoyed having a movie room (the kids loved watching Surf’s Up in recliners on a big screen!!!), a pool table, tons of play space and a few lakes for taking boats out on and fishing.


Girls Lunch  at Cheesecake Factory


Movies with Grandpa


Playing at the creek



Boating with Unky & cousins
















_DSC6686We got some great family pictures!_DSC6460_DSC6409_DSC6364

Silas had a wonderful time enjoying nature! Cows, Chickens, Lightening bugs…

Silas was in love with everything… out first morning there, he said “Oh mama, It’s just so beautiful…”


Catching the FireFly all by himself!


_DSC6859We spent the weekend in Nashville and saw some sights out that way as well. Saturday we visited The Loveless Cafe!

We had a nice wait, but there were so many fun little shops around, we used our time exploring, tasting bacon, watching biscuits made and making a *few* purchases =)


(Isaac loved southern food!)

We got the All You Can Eat Family Style Breakfast! A plate full of bacon, biscuits, sausage gravy, eggs, grits, hash brown casserole  and fruit! Of course I also drank my weight in  Ice Tea!  We had a great breakfast and enjoyed the tourist scene!

Sunday we went to Puckett’s Grocer and celebrated Father’s day with the whole family!



Happy Father’s Day Dad/ Grandpa!

It was a wonderful last day together, topped off with a trip to the park where the kids played their heart out before a long flight home!


 Despite a few extra hours at the airport, we lucked out being next to a toddler “play area”! Isaac had it to himself and enjoyed playing, Pooping (I ended the trip with 1 diaper and 1 wipe!!!) ….


And gulping down Sweet Tea… IMG_1737

We had a wonderful vacation together as a family, and hope that Brock can go with us next time!!!

Dan put together this little clip too with Grandma’s tattoo parlor experience highlight!!!! =)

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