Silas: 3 !


Where does the time go.

Silas 1Silas 2Silas 3

Dear Silas Boy,

I have loved seeing you grow from a toddler into a smart, helpful, kind little boy this past year! I love how enthusiastic, busy, adventurous, strong, brave and creative you are! You are an awesome big brother to Isaac. And I love seeing the two of you play  and enjoy each other.    I can not believe how much you have learned this past year and you daily amaze me with all the things you know!  While I would love to keep you my little boy forever, I know that God has big, amazing plans for your life. I am blessed to be your Mama. I can’t promise it will always be easy. And I know that I fail daily. But, it is a joy to be part of your life to help you on this great journey of growing up.  I can’t wait to see with 3 brings our way!


  • Fire Trucks, Ambulances, Police Cars, Trucks and Trains!
  • Pizza, Quesadillas, Salad, Tomatoes, Hot Dogs,  Trader Joes Gummie Bears, Trader Joes Brownie Bars, Pot Stickers, Rice & Beans, Salsa, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Chocolate Milk, Yogurt, Popsicle & Oreos are your favorites.
  • Jake the Pirate everything, Little Einsteins, Fireman Same are favorite TV Shows.
  • Singing the Wheels on the Bus, ABC’s, Calliou theme Song, Jake Pirate theme song,  Happy Birthday, Open-Shut them Church Song.
  • iPad time. Doing letter apps like Endless Alphabet. Drawing.  Elmo Phone Calls, and lots more!
  • Loves face timing his friend Emma, Nani & Granddad and his cousins!
  • Always asks to cuwdle at night before bed.
  • Love to play in the dirt with his trucks and bulldozers.
  • Started swimming lessons this summer! He is doing awesome and can float on his own. Do a backstroke. Working on breast stroke. Can jump in the pool. Do a flip, and even goes off the slide into Grammie’s pool!
  • Likes to help cook.
  • Legos (Fire Truck/House and Jake Pirate) are favorites to play and build with Papa
  • Loves Thomas the train and building big train tracks in the living room.
  • Loves his Uncle Danny & Friends. He enjoys working out on Friday nights with the big guys doing burpees, pull ups, push ups, running sprints and keeping up with them!
  • Favorite Books: Little Blue Truck Books, The Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog, Truck picture books!
  • He does great at the Drs. office.
  • His Grammie and Pop – Pop, Sadie and Brady top the list of some of his favorite people.

Not So Much:

  • Shoes. Augh. Keeping Shoes on.
  • Running Errands.
  • If is isn’t happy, he usually says “I Not do it! I go to Pop Pop’s house”
  • He had a few medical “emergencies” this year.   1. A Bee sting got infected and we found out he is allergic to Bee’s.  He had to get a shot and topical cream at Urgent Care when his hand swelled up.   2. He cut the outer corner of his eye on Dan’s truck. Ended up at the Drs. Office after Easter for a Tetanus shot and check up.
  • The Train destroyer… Isaac. It’s the end of the world when the train track gets messed up.

{Drs. Apt Coming June 18th}


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