Isaac: the Big Boy Bed

20130509-221533.jpgLast week {on his 16 month birthday} Isaac  climbed out of bed and we knew it was all over.
So, we fixed his bed into a real big boy bed and wala…


We now have 2 big boys in big boy beds!  Isaac was thrilled with his new found freedom. Night one was long… it took him/us 3 hours of putting him back in bed. No eye contact. No cuddles. But we did it! And it only took one night and one nap time.
He often gets up, comes to our room when he wants to nurse during the night. Then I take him right back to bed, and that is that.

I love seeing the boys night routine of Silas giving him a kiss and hug, then night time nursing and bed. He usually waves, blows me kisses, turns over and his finger goes in his mouth.  So thankful that his transition was easier then I expected.




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