Silas World

I love love love this time of constant learning and growing in your little mind Silas! Every day you surprise me with new words, ideas and so much information!

I hope I never forget these little stories… and I’m so glad I have a little place to write some of my favorites to share with you some day!

  • The Wheels On the Bus: Your favorite song right now. With a Silas twist! Your lines…
    “The Daddy’s on the bus go *ptt ptt ptt* (tooting sounds)… The Isaac’s on the bus go wahhhwahhh wahhh… the Mama’s on the bus go Shhshhh shshhhh … The windows on the bus go swish swish swish….”
  • You are teaching yourself to swim at Grammie’s pool! (We start swim lessons tomorrow, but why not be an overachiever!) You can hold your breath for a good amount of time! Swim unassisted all over the spa! You swim the length of the pool with your floaties on too!
  • You always give Isaac a “Kiss n Hug” when he goes to sleep for naps or bed time. And you make sure he has his sippy cup and blanket. I love watching you be a brother, protector and friend to Isaac!
  • I love listening to you tell stories! You are always repeating things that happened days or weeks ago that surprise me. Like asking Pop Pop  how his owie was he got yesterday while making lunch. I love your tender heart!
  • While reading Little Blue Leads the Way the other night, we were talking about the pictures. You were very worried about one of the pictures that had a broken window. Papa told you it was ok, it would get fixed. You told us Bob the Builder would fix it! A few pages later you also said Fire Man Sam (another favorite show) would save Little Blue who was “smoking”.  I guess it’s only logical that all cartoons live in the same make believe world?!
  • You know mama, papa, Danny, grandma and grandpas cars by sight. You also know Bear (John)’s too!  Tonight when drove, you jumped up before he was even out of his car… told us it was time to work out. Ran out back and started your normal routine of push ups, burpees, squats, jumping jacks and running. You amaze me!

You are a joy to us Silas boy! While your papa and I would love to sleep in some days… or enjoy a full meal interupted, I wouldn’t give it up for one single day without you!

All my love…  xo  Mama

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