Isaac: 15 months



  • This Month Faves: Soy Yogurt. Salad. Rice & Beans. Meat! Pretzel sticks!!! And of course loves his  fruits and veggies!
  • The Park. Getting Dirty. The Slide!
  • Loves being outside. You always cry when it is time to come in! We often find you just chillin in the wagon waiting for a ride. Or just sitting in your Cozy Coupe waiting for Silas to push you around.
  • Loves bringing people’s shoes to them {he brings each person’s matching shoes!!!}
  • Like bugging Silas and bullying him around sometimes just for the heck of it.
  • Loves screaming and making loud noises! More recently *rawr*-ing like a dinosaur and monster
  • Feeding the dog from the table: He does a whole routine of pretend eating  a bit of food (usually bread)  then throws it to the dog.


  • Being put down.
  • Not being in the kitchen while cooking is going on.



  • Sleeping really well at night! Only up 1 or 2 times a night!
  • You got your baby quilt from Nani this month!!! And your new Dr. Seuss Pillow case to match your room!!!
  • After a double ear infection and sinus infection, we finally got you healthy and on some pro-biotics which have greatly improved your gas and tummy problems….
  • And then you got Strep Throat. When I took you in Dr. Akey didn’t think it was likely you had it, but they tested you anyway. Sure enough, you did! They haven’t every had a baby or anyone under 5 in the office with Step before! So it was a first for them as well.   Antibiotics (and thankfully NO Scarlet Fever) your  good as new =)

{Classic Isaac: Soft Object -> Finger in Mouth}


  • 21lbs 9 oz (30%)   31 inches (80%)
  • 4 bottom Teeth, 4 Top Teeth and all 4 molars are poking thru!
  • 6pm Bed Time, Up between 6:30 & 8am.
  • Down to 1 nap usually around Noon until 3 or 3:30pm   {The single nap transition was a rough one! Thank goodness we figured something out}
  • Words: Mama, Dada, Dan, Gra-ma, Hi,  Tanks, Yesssss,  Dat, Dere
  • Signs: More, All Done, Thirsty



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