Isaac: 13-14 Months


So when did my baby become a little boy?!

Favorite Things:

  • Playing outside or in the water, going to the park, going for a walk!
  • Walking and his independence
  • Bugging his brother/tearing apart train sets
  • Taking food out of the cupboard or Tupperware out of drawers
  • Meal time. When he is hungry he heads over to his high chair and tries to climb in.
  • Bath time
  • Soy Yogurt, Green Smoothies, Peanut butter Sandwiches are favorites
  • Loves snuggling

565434_827515101627_654768454_nNot So Favorite Things:

  • Papa leaving the house
  • Coming inside after playing


  • First steps (January 24, 2013)  6 steps in a row at home!
  • Walking 95% as of March 1, 2013
  • 1st time in the “walker room” at Church.

For the Record

  • Started walking at 12.5 months
  • Banana & Avocado eczema outbreak  = 2 confirmed food allergies
  • Scratch test for 30+ more food and environmental allergens. All came back negative.  Will revisit allergists at 2 years for blood test.
  • Sinus infection February & March. Finally cleared up & much happier!
  • Has 8 teeth
  • Can say Mama, Dadda, Daddy, Dat (that) – usually comes with pointing, Dan, Tanks (Thanks), Babal (I think means play)
  • End of February and March Isaac decided 4-5am was a great time to wake up…  Not such a fan. Hopefully he is slowly getting back to a 7am wake up call!
  • Still napping from 8:30-10/10:30 and 1-3ish  Bed time around 6pm


Isaac ~ You are such a sweet boy. I love your smiles, and excitement.  I love enjoying life with you and you are a joy to your papa and me!!! Silas loves you so much and I can’t get enough of you two hugging and kissing.



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