Isaac: 1 year Old!!!

Isaac is one!

I can’t believe one whole year ago we brought you home.
That Sunday morning, after being up with your brother Silas and Dad all night both with the stomach flu, the last thing I thought I would be doing was going into labor!!!
But God had other plans, and we quickly got to meet the most precious Blue eyed little chubba-love I’d ever laid eyes on. I don’t know how we lived without you. How was our family ever complete without you… Of course before we met you, I wondered how I could love another little one as much as I already loved your brother, Silas. I think most parents wonder that. And as “clique” as it sounds, it is so true. I held you in my arms and in that moment, I knew I loved you. It was instant. It was deep and life changing.


A year later, and no longer a baby. You crawl around the house like you own it. You have taken off walking around with your little train as well. You take toys from Silas and push him out of the way like you are in charge. You cry when too many people are around. You suck your finger, and rub soft things when your tired. You have the most pitiful pout and stick out your lower lip like a pro! You shake your head no when you don’t want any more food. You also much prefer your papa over me. If I try to take you away, you shake your head no and play hide and seek. I love seeing your personality bloom before my eyes.


We celebrated Isaac’s first birthday with the Ramierez side of the family the day before Christmas Eve. We enjoyed having a Pizza Party and Family time! The next weekend we had a Mustache Bash with some of our friends and The Herring side of the family! Both parties were fun and we loved celebrating Isaac’s first year of life!!



  • 20 pounds & 7 ounces (30%) as of 1/18/2013
  • 31 inches (90%)Β  as of 1/18/2013


Favorite Things:

  • Eating, Sleeping, Cuddle time & Playing
  • Loves saying “hello” on anything that resembles a phone.
  • Bath time and splashing in the water.
  • Playing outside in his cozy coupe car!
  • He loves Legos! and his new Cars from Christmas
  • Bed time dance parties in your bed with Silas!


  • Shaking his head no.
  • Playing Hide and seek
  • Says “Tickle” when you tickle him
  • First all nighter without Mama & Papa! (He did relatively well!)

Not So Favorite Things:

  • Not Being Held.
  • Sitting at the table when he is done eating.
  • Laying on his back for diaper changes.
  • Eczema Rash on his face … guessing it was from Bananas as that was his only new food this week (1/15/2013)


For the Record

  • A quick cold a week before Christmas.
  • Now has 5 teeth, 3 on the bottom, 2 on the top!
  • Goes to bed at 6pm, usually up between 6:30 & 8am.
  • Still takes 2 naps, 8:30-10:30am and 1pm-4pm!




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