Cinnabon Cinnamon Cake


For Isaac’s Birthday Breakfast I made this Cinnabon Cinnamon Cake! We had it for Christmas and it was a huge hit. It is seriously the easiest thing ever, and only takes 20 min in the oven! This is everything I love about Cinnamon Rolls, with no rolling out the dough, no fat ends and hard time cutting them into rolls, no sticky fingers trying to eat them and NO mess eating with the kids. Which is saying something my boys!!!

Thank you Pinterest for another fantastic recipe that we will be having many more time!

Side Notes:

  • I  halved the recipe and used an 8×8 pan and it turned out great…
  • Second time around I used half the batter, poured half of the cinnamon mixture in, then the rest of the batter, finishing off with the cinnamon sugar mixture  to end and then swirling. Because the batter is so thick, the cinnamon sugar does not make it to the bottom very well otherwise!

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