Boy World

If you know me or follow my blog, you might be tired of the antics and stories of the crazy boys in my house. From my manly, military, weapons loving, zombie prepping husband, to my adventurous, thrill seeking, truck driving and motorcycle riding, accident prone brother, and two toddlers who follow close in these men’s steps, there is little to no frill in this craftsman bungalow. Even our Corgi dog is a boy. Thankfully, I have some wonderful ladies to give a little sanity and girl time in my life. My life is FULL of boys, men and everything that goes a long with them.

For Christmas,  my {very wise} mom got me Dr. Kevin Leman’s book: What a Difference a Mom Makes. The past few days I’ve stolen a few minuets of quite time to sit down and read this new book which was on top of my ever growing stack “to-read”.   Do you ever feel like a book was written just for you? There’s a few books I’ve really enjoyed and have sure encouraged my heart… but from page one, this book has held me captive.

“Are you comfortable with your son? Do you affirm his maleness? More than anything, your son needs for you to appreciate him as a boy and to encourage the masculine qualities you want him to have. … No women wants a sissy for a son. She wants a tough resilient man who will stand up for others with firm resolve and gentle compassion, and who will have fierce, protective love and understanding heart for those close to him.” (What a Difference a Mom Makes : Kevin Leman, p27-28)

“Show him that you need him….Include your son, no matter his age, as an active member of your family… Your son may not do things exactly the way you’d do them- but in the long run, does that really matter? Or is more important that you son felt needed?… Your son needs to be needed not just by anyone. He needs to be needed by you. So let him be a boy. Let him be a conqueror, let him compete, let him problem solve in his own way. When you do so, you encourage your son to further his efforts and abilities to help not only himself but others as well.” (Leman, 30-31)

I feel like I need to sit and work on these few pages before I move on.  This isn’t just a book about how to raise boy, It’s such a great reminder how to treat my husband and men in general as well.  I’m not talking cop out “boys will be boys” let them attack each other kind of thing. But letting them explore their world and how men work. Making sure to encourage and cultivate those amazing attributes that make them men.This books has opened my eyes to many new ways of thinking in raising my boys. I am so excited to continue reading… If you have boys, I’d encourage you to start this reading this amazing book. You won’t be disappointing!!!

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