Silas: 2 1/2 years old!!!!

It feels like just yesterday I met this little stinker for the first time! Or the day he met his dad for the first time, his first birthday… and then his second birthday. And here we are. 2 and a half years later! Amazing how time flies when you are running!



  • You have blown us away with how much you know and how quickly you learn! You caught on so fast learning your letters. You love to pick them out wherever we are, shopping, driving, eating… etc.
  • You are even reading and spelling simple 3 letter words from Bob books!  We are  so so proud of you!
  • You like to follow directions from shows! Little Einsteins is your favorite show right now. You “Pat Pat Pat” your legs to make the rocket ship go fast! Then yell, “Blast off!!!”, and always like it when we do it with you. Whoever is sitting next to you, you say “Come on mommm, pat pat!”
  • You know all your colors, alphabet and number.
  • You got a new big boy bed! You have a step stool to get up into your bed and love having your toys in bins under the bed to play with in your room.
  • Papa brought home his StarWars toys from nani’s house. You love the things he has let you destroy… I mean play with!
  • 1st bee sting… which got infected… and we ended up in Urgent Care! Poor guy was a trooper. silas nov 2

Favorite things:

  • Play Pretend. You are very good at pretending to eat people.
  • Rough housing with Pap and unky Dan
  • Being Naked. Or running around in underwear.
  • The iPad. You love play games, reading books and doing puzzles as well as watch your favorite shows.
  • Spending Thanksgiving with your cousins. You and Selia spent almost every waking moment together. It was wonderful to see you together!
  • Coloring & drawing!
  • Doing things on your own!
  • Trains, Trucks, Lights. Fixing things, tools, playing in the yard. Anything outside.
  • Dance Parties with Rachel!
  • Bath time, and watching for the “whirl poo {L}” at the end when we drain the water.

Not so favorite things:

  • Meat.
  • Wearing Underwear and Pants together?
  • Going to bed when you aren’t tired or taking a nap.
  • Leaving grammie and pops house.
  • Going to Target.

Silas boy,

Every day you surprise me with new words, new things you can do. I am so proud of you and how much you love to learn. I love watching you play with Isaac and how much you love him.  I couldn’t believe

Silas Nov


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