Isaac: 11 Months

How is this my last post for Isaac as a “baby”?? It is so different to think about celebrating his 1st birthday from Silas’s. I was pregnant and knew we would have another baby again soon, and I think I didn’t “mourn” the loss of his first year like I am with Isaac. I am so excited for new milestones like walking and Isaac being more independent or playing with Silas easier now, but it seems so strange at the same time.

isaac nov 2


  • 19lbs 9oz {12/14/12}


  • Learning to feed the dog from the table.
  • Going to bed with a bottle a few times so Mama could go out!

Favorite Things:

  • Playing with Silas… ok, let’s be real here. He loves to tackle and beat up on Silas.
  • Getting into trouble. Mainly toilets, Tupperware, eat/play in the dog food and water, trash and rip out every tissue or wipe from its container.
  • He loves playing outside with Silas. His new favorites beside getting pulled in the wagon is getting pushed around in the Little Blue Truck!
  • Sleeping, Naps & being cuddled!
  • This boy is a Papa’s boy!!! He says daddaaa all day long! And loves Brock. Sometimes he even picks him over me to be held!!!
  • His blankie and his finger. Soft blankets.

Not so Favorite Things:

  • Had a week or two of having a hard time going to sleep at night. {Like a whole 10 min of being fussy in bed} But back to a few giggles, talking to himself and then going to sleep great on his own!

For the Record:

  • I have found Isaac on multiple occasions with his shoulder and arm out the neck hole of his shirt… Silly kid
  • He and Silas like to dance, jump and giggle in bed when we leave their room at night. We often find Silas holding Isaac or Isaac laying on top of Silas in Isaac’s bed at night. It’d adorable!!!!
  • Your name Isaac ranks #39 on the name charts for 2012 and Louis came in somewhere in the #300s…

Isaac Nov


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