Isaac Louis: 10 months

I can’t believe this little guys is 10 months old! Another month gone, and that much closer to being 1!!!

It seems like Isaac has been with us forever, yet at the same time, he is our baby and I can’t imagine him growing up to be a toddler just yet. I love love love this stage, and wish I could keep him like this forever.

{Irvine Park 10/22/2012}


  • Standing for a period of time unassisted & standing up from sitting without holding on to anything
  • Sitting and reading a whole book with mama
  • Climbing down stairs by himself
  • Playing peek a boo on his own
  • Holds cell phones up to his ear/head and says “hiiiiii”
  • Signs “wants”. Haven’t really pushed the signing very much with him, but he does do please sometimes as well.


  • His brother. I love seeing these two and their relationship unfold. Silas is always giving him hugs and kisses and Isaac loves being with Silas and trying to keep up!
  • His finger and blanket.
  • Apples are a huge hit right now, especially after our fun trip to Oak Glen!
  • Being warm. This kid isn’t a fan of cold floors or wind!
  • His naps and bed time!
  • Dinner. Food. MEAT. What’s new?
  • His PAPA! This past month he has found a new love for his papa like never before. He sometimes will even choose him over me! He loves to crawl over to Brock and be held in just the right place. Love seeing their relationship too!

Not So Much:

  • DAIRY. EGGS. – Took him two weeks to get back to normal after his first bite of string cheese. A few more months until we try that experiment again!
  • Being left alone. Isaac hates it when Silas goes outside to play and gets left behind!
  • Day Light Savings time. Both boys were sleeping in until about 8/8:30am! Can I get a Hallelujah?? But of course, it came just 2 weeks before DLS. Isaac was up at 430am and is having a hard time adjusting. He loves his nap time, and you know it’s coming within minuets of his schedule. So the whole hour off this is throwing the poor boy for a loop!

For the Record:

  • Was a parrot pirate for Halloween & didn’t get to eat any candy
  • Silas likes to jump in bed with Isaac at night. After we snuggle, give kisses, pray and tuck the kids in, we often hear them giggling. It’s almost completely dark in their room. But Silas will say something to Isaac, jump in bed and “tiklle tiklle” Isaac, give him some juice, put his blanket on Isaac and jump around. Thankfully, it usually only lasts maybe 10 minuets.


This chubby little monster is such a wonderful addition to our family and I just couldn’t imagine waking up every day without him!!!! We love you Isaac Louis.


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