Fire Station Field Trip

If you know Silas at all, you know he loves Fire Trucks, Fire men, smoke, sirens… Anything fire men related!

I tried to set up a field trip to the local fire station. However, the City of Orange does tours every few months at rotating stations in the city. So we had to wait a few week to get in for a tour.

Today was finally our day! We scored our very own afternoon private tour with one of Silas’s bet buds!






We visited Orange Fire Station #1 in Old Towne just off Grand. When we arrived, Captain Matt gave us a tour of the station, showed us the kitchen and bedrooms upstairs and gave us a run down of their normal day. One of the other engines pulled in just as they got a call. We got to see Captain Matt jump into his gear and leave in the Fire Truck with lights on and all.
We finished up the tour looking at the ambulance, seeing inside the fire engines and even getting to check out their thermal image camera!

Silas had such a great time seeing all things fire up close and personal with his bestie, Sadie girl. Thank you to the amazing fire men at Station 1 for making our little boys day year!


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