Confessions of a {Scared} Military Wife

Listening to news & fb I hear a million different views on why you should vote for one or the other candidate… Taxes, Health Benefits, Job security, etc… I’m voting for a President because he dictates my livelihood to the core. He is my husband’s boss. He will direct our future, and our children’s lives so significantly. For me, there is so much more to lose here (not to say other things aren’t valuable at all).   It scares me to death to think what will happen if we re-elect our current president. Will my husband be deployed in Afghanistan or somewhere else under worse conditions? Let alone with a president who does not come to his militaries aid or champion their cause? Yet takes all the credit for victories?  What happens when our country continues to fall apart, and a budget can’t be passed again and they withhold all his earnings and we are left with nothing? What then… What happens when we no longer have a nuclear advantage over terrorist countries {especially with my husband currently on the West Coast  Haz-Mat Response team}? What happens when war comes to our home front? What happens when the worst happen? Oh right. That is my husband’s life that is put on the line. My family who pays the price to fight to save our country. Yes, my husband did enlist. He knew {somewhat} of what he was getting into. However, it kind of feels like your stuck in the car with a drunk driver at this point…. Scary, and worried about whether you are headed for the tree or the house.

There is a lot at stake for our country.  So many issues that greatly affect our day-to-day lives. Maybe for you it is health care or taxes or something else hits home. When thinking the ballots could go one way or the other, I’m wondering where this leaves all the countless service men and women who give their lives and livelihood to secure the freedom of our country serving a President who is throwing it all away for who knows what…. That’s where my head and heart is at.  3 weeks. Debates. Crazy talk.

Where is our country headed?

Side Note…

Romney on National Defense


Obama on National Defense/Military… oh wait. There is nothing on  his website.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a {Scared} Military Wife

  1. What an amazing perspective. Thank you so much for writing this!!! Wish more people would consider this when they vote!! I know I will 🙂

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